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The Autonomous Main Event

It was a pleasant surprise to return to The Autonomous Main event in Viena after a year and still find the NewControl roll-up here! So, this year, we again were a part of this impressive event and the Spotlight Session "Research & Innovation in Autonomous and Connected Mobility," co-hosted by TTTech!

Autonomous, connected, and electric mobility are recognized as the most disruptive trends in the automotive industry. The automated driving features currently available are only a fraction of what is being developed for the future.

Artificial Intelligence is currently the primary enabler of autonomous mobility. Beyond safety and robustness, the industry has to consider a set of trustworthy requirements regarding security, privacy, and explicability. However, the currently available technology shows a heterogeneous level of maturity concerning those attributes, which implies new research and development challenges in different areas. Also, novel components and systems should be investigated to provide higher performance and efficiency, combining safety and reliability features with mass-production costs to move towards e-Mobility eventually.

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