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Public event ”NewControl demonstrators for Autonomous driving” in Finland

On the 15th of February NewControl organized a public event to present the project project-related demonstrators developed by Finnish partners. The main goal of this event was to bring awareness about the developed technologies to the project-related stakeholders, to inform and introduce the audience to the holistic approach to highly automated vehicles, and to provide a possibility to the general public to try high-level autonomous technologies. The event was organized in Turku, Finland.

The event featured a workshop and a physical technology demonstration, during which visitors had the opportunity to test the Unikie autonomous vehicle and many other demonstrators developed by Finnish partners. Furthermore, Valmet Automotive will presented other relevant industrial topics.

Thanks for the presenters:

  • Harri Nyrhinen from Unikie for the presentation about Autonomous Driving

  • Anssi Blomqvist from Murata for the presentation about North Finding Device.

  • Pertti Peussa from VTT for the presentations about On-line Detection and Identification of Adverse Conditions with Lidar and North Finding Device in the Vehicle.

  • Konsta Ruotsalainen from VTT for the presentation about Laser Scanning Microelectromechanical System.

  • Altti Torkkeli from Murata for the presentation about MEMS Accelerometer Demonstrator

  • Jarno Vanne from Tampere University for the presentation about CiThruS2 Simulation Framework.

  • Otso Kassinen from Valossa Labs Oy for the presentation about Facial Analysis.

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