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FMCW-LIDAR with 3D fully non-mechanical scanning

MEMS LIDAR with 3D non macro-mechanical scanning

Fiber optical gyroscope

Inertial MEMS sensors (gyro and accelerometer)

Camera system


Next generation embedded software platform for autonomous driving

Low-power high-performance HW architecture

Embedded platform for raw image procession into point clouds in combination with a true solid-state LIDAR

Computational HW to show the fail-operational capability of the HW platform


Fail-operational vehicle decision making and control

Vision-based driver/passenger monitoring using neural networks


Propulsion platform

Battery platform


Simulator: Extraurban obstacle avoidance

Simulator: Suburban takeover

Passenger Vehicle: Extraurban obstacle avoidance

Passenger Vehicle: Urban parking

Passenger Vehicle: Urban intersection

Passenger Vehicle: Predictive lifetime monitoring

Heavy Duty Vehicle: Construction-site parking


Virtual twin validation toolkit


End user acceptance of automated driving


22 demonstrators are integrated and built to demonstrate the potential of the project to facilitate perception, cognition, control validation and user acceptance of next generation highly automated vehicles.

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