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Integrated, Fail-Operational, Cognitive Perception, Planning and Control Systems for Highly Automated Vehicles

Expected Outcomes
22 demonstrators 

Total Budget
37,858,613.45 €

43 partners from

12 countries 

Project Coordinator

AVL List GmbH

About The Project

NewControl will develop and deliver virtualized platforms for each vehicular sub-system essential to autonomous operation at SAE Level 3+. Each of these unifies the critical components required to realize a specific function – perception, cognition, control – through vertical integration within an adaptive (not rigid) architectural framework. The resulting virtual platforms effectively deliver specific functionalities as services to the vehicular platform, abstracting internal implementation, enabling portability to different application domains, and facilitating modular development of automation that is guaranteed as safe by design.


NewControl Supply Chains

SC1: Robust and accurate adaptive perception systems

SC2: Robust energy-efficient processing architectures for embedded fusion and control

SC3: Virtual platforms for holistic decision making and control

SC4: Virtual platforms for stable and efficient propulsion

SC6: Adaptive fail-operational control for highly automated road vehicles

SC7: Virtual twin approaches for validation, certification and qualification

SC8: User acceptance and trust in automated driving functions – ethics, safety, security and privacy

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  • ISS Europe
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    2022-03-17 10:00
    Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
    Resilient Europe: Strengthening The Microelectronics Ecosystem
  • SSI Conference 2022
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    2022-04-26 09:00 – 2022-04-28 18:00
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    Lisboa, Praça das Indústrias 1, 1300-307 Lisboa, Portugal
    Transport Research Arena 2022

Holistic virtualized platforms enabling mobility as a service


Meet The Coordinating Team

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Nica Mihai

Project Coordinator

AVL List GmbH


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Jasmin Kniewallner

Administrative Project Manager

AVL List GmbH



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Darjan Kozic

Technical Project Coordinator

AVL List GmbH






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Reiner John

Coordinator Research Funding Corporate Strategy

AVL List GmbH






NewControl receives funding within the Electronic Components and Systems For European Leadership Joint Undertaking (ESCEL JU) in collaboration with the European Union's Horizon2020 Framework Programme and National Authorities, under grant agreement N° 826653-2.
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