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NewControl at Key Digital Technologies Networking Event

On the 30th-31st of January 2023, Several NewControl partners were present at the Key Digital Technologies Networking Event, which brought together a large group of science, research, business and industry representatives to Mallorca, Spain.

During the event, we had a chance to listen to such speakers like Reiner John from AVL, Dr. Jochen Langheim from STMicroelectronics, Julián Proenza Arenas from University of the Balearic Isl, the NewControl project officer Anton Chichkov from KDT JU, Roland Nagy from FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Thomas Harder from ECPE European Center for Power Electronics and Michael Saur from Mercedes-Benz AG.

Furthermore, a special Panel session about ECS Mobility was organized to discuss how the introduction of quantum technologies influences the future development of technologies in the mobility domain. And what needs to be done so that power electronics and electronic components providers can meet the increasing demands and requirements of the mobility sector.

In addition to this, a demonstrators session was organized, where several NewControl partners presented their physical demonstrators and videos.

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