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NewControl was presented at The Autonmous main event

On the 29th of September 2021, NewControl was presented at The Autonomous Main event in the Imperial Palace in Vienna. The Autonomous Main event's purpose is to tackle the biggest safety challenges. The Autonomous brings together the world’s major mobility stakeholders to shape the future of safe autonomous vehicles.

During the event, the project partner TTTech Auto organized a workshop to discuss the role and importance that Research and Development play in the innovation process. In the workshop, Mr. Reiner John from AVL presented NewControl and its challenges, upcoming results and importance in the Autonomous Mobility development processes. Sustainable mobility will be enabled by seamless digitalization and by trustful cooperation and collaboration among the different players in a complex system.

More information about the workshop is available at TTTauto report - "Safety, Research&Inovation: How EC funding contributes to tackling the biggest safety challenges in autonomous mobility."

Report_Safety Research Innovation_The Autonomous_29Sept2021
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