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NewControl partners met in Graz, Austria

After a long time, NewControl partners again had an opportunity to meet in a live meeting! On 14-15 th of October, the project coordinating team - AVL invited SCs, WPs and Tasks leaders to come to Graz, Austria. Partners, who were not able to participate personally, had an opportunity to join virtually. The two-day meeting was scheduled to discuss the project's current status, the main technical achievements in SCs, the second review remarks and recommendations, dissemination and exploitations topics, and the following steps to be done.

As NewControl is in the third year, the upcoming period will be very technical. NewControl SCs partners will focus on demonstrators, increasing accuracy and robustness and developing platforms, which are a basis for forthcoming automatization. Furthermore, this year all consortium will put their efforts to show the exploitable results and the full impact of the project to the European industry and economy.

This meeting was full of productive discussions, correct remarks and valuable advice. Working together as a team, we always do and achieve more. We are waiting for other opportunities!

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